Little Kid Camp

Just finished camp with the 4-7 year olds at Saint Mary's. It's hilariously fun to figure out what makes them tick. The parents enjoyed watching their kids learn the sport so much they asked if I had a year-round program setup. Of course I already had a form ready for them to sign outlining that program in full detail.

There's a certain way to teach kids, and a subtle and persistent way to demand their attention. I maintain my respect, admiration, and confidence in each kid, and they very rarely disappoint.

This is definitely the first real-world step in my process to get this program underway, and I would say it was a huge success. I'll have to wait to see how many of the 20 who gave me their info are truly interested, but if I can get a good starting group, I can start developing an actual program for Pr0digies. I'll post more at a later date.